1.8 Significant Connections- Fab Fitz

This is it! The one you have all been waiting for! Below is your extensive guide to the 1.8 Significant Connections assessment. The Task:  The ‘Plog’ about the task (watch this while you have the task handout

1.3 Unfamiliar Text- Exam Papers

Below are the 2016 and 2015 exam papers for the 1.3 Unfamiliar Text standard that you will sit in your school exams and at the end of the year. There is also an exemplar for each


Essay Writing- Help!

Below are some ideas on transitional and connective phrases that you can experiment with in your close viewing assessment. Remember that while the assessment is looking at the ideas you develop and the evidence you

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Cinematography Techniques To ensure you get the most out of our study of TCCBB, ensure you know how to explain the following terms: – Mise en Scene – Lighting – Symbolism – Camera Shots –


Speech Delivery- Term 3

  Speech Delivery Practice Tasks

Oral Storytelling- History, Features and Tips

To help with your speech preparation, you may want to check out the links and ideas below. This blog post captures some of the history of oral storytelling and its place in Maori culture. Long ago, when


The Great Gatsby- Final Writing Task

Below is the writing task that will conclude our study of The Great Gatsby. Up until this point, we have had a large focus on reading and understanding the novel. Now we look to develop

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