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Almost 100 years since the first trends that characterized the 1920’s, we still talk about and admire the glitz and glamour many associate with that time. What people tend to forget is that at under all of that glitter, the Great Depression began to bubble. Caught somewhere in the middle was Francis Scott Fitzgerald, whose work has transcended generations of authors. He remains one of the “Great American Authors” and his most well known novel, The Great Gatsby, has come to define the 1920s. However, Fitzgerald’s iconic work says so much more than how lavish the lifestyle of the rich was in the 20s. His ability to manipulate language, to express his delight and disgust at the happenings of the time, are truly brilliant. Delving into his style, exploring the signature that he left in all of his writing and understanding how each author has a unique perspective of the world is what this course is all about. I invite you to be “simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life” that Fitzgerald writes of and to use him as a teacher to craft your own masterpieces.

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