The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Cinematography Techniques

To ensure you get the most out of our study of TCCBB, ensure you know how to explain the following terms:

– Mise en Scene

– Lighting

– Symbolism

– Camera Shots

– Sound

– Dialogue

– Voice Over Narration (first person, omniscient and limited)

– Music

– Montage

– Flashbacks


The Big Ideas

We have discussed the major ideas that we, as a class, believe the film presents. These ideas are:


  • Our outward appearance doesn’t define who we are inside. 
  • The perception of others shapes our personal perception of who we are. 

The Nature of Life

The Inevitability of Time



As a class, we have brainstormed three key symbols that we felt develop the major ideas of the film. These were:




As you discussed your ideas, Olive typed them into the following table for everyone to access:

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